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Chitgar lake water treatment plant

Chitgar lake water treatment plant
Chitgar Lake, also known as the Lake of Martyrs of the Persian Gulf, is an artificial and recreational lake located in the north of Chitgar Park, north-west of Tehran City, Iran.
The total area of this complex is about 250 hectares; 130 hectares across the lake, and the rest of it goes for the coastal zone and resorts.
About 80% of the lake water comes from the Kan Creek, and the rest of it comes from central areas and surface runoffs of the district.
In July 2013 OMRAB signed a contract with Tehran Engineering Organization for Chitgar lake treatment plant. 
Scope of woks includes design and build of water treatment plants, improving the quality of water entering the lake with inflow discharge of 1200~2400 Lit/h. along with the pilot implementation. 
This project will accomplish during 42 Months with 3 months test pre commissioning and start up and the Operation period is 24 months.

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Facts and Figures

Tehran Engineering Organization

2013- 2017


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