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Abadan Refinery water Treatment Plant and Cooling water System and Auxiliaries

Abadan Refinery water Treatment Plant and Cooling water System and Auxiliaries
In May 2008 OMRAB conclusion a contract for engineering, procurement and construction of Abadan Refinery Water Treatment Plant and Cooling water System and Auxiliaries. This project accomplished during 2 years.

 In 2008, OMRAB in Joint Venture was retained by ABADAN OIL REFINING Co. (AROC) to undertake the EPC project of Water Treatment plant (5000 Cu.m per day), Cooling Water system (36000 Cu.m per day) and Fire Water inside the Abadan Refinery. The conceptual design of the state of the art systems used for this project makes it one of the most outstanding projects in OMRAB history of work.

The Cooling Water of the whole refinery is supplied from one direct contact evaporative, mechanical induced draft, counter flow tower which serves main process units of refinery. The required make up water is supplied from Water treatment unit which compensate evaporated water from cooling Tower. Cooling Water preparation train consists of the following sections:

Cooling tower
Circulating pumps
Distribution pipe network
Side stream filter
Steam turbine packages
Chemical dosing package

The Water Treatment unit supplies for the Cooling water section and other users which require clarified and de-mineralized water. Raw water will be treated in Water Treatment Unit to meet the required specification of make-up water for Cooling Tower; as one major user. The source of raw water for this plant is surface water from Bahmanshir River. The water treatment plant consists of the following units:
Pre-treatment system including; self-cleaning filters, coagulation, flocculation and clarification, and also required chemical dosing skids,
Filtration system including sand Aquazur V filters
Reverse osmosis (R.O) system including; Ultra filtration, required chemical dosing system, R.O trains, flushing pumps and R.O Clean in place, (CIP) system with capacity of 1450 (Cu.m per day)
Demineralization system including mixed beds with required regeneration Facilities.

Bioss-Treat (Patent of Evonik, Germany) has been employed as a pretreatment for nutrient removal. The RO system designed for this project assures to meet the specific water quality under a wide range of temperature and raw water TDS (200-10,000 mg/L) by 12 different scenario defined for the system.
Another aspect that made this project a challenging one was the site condition of this project which is located in alluvial area which OMRAB could overcome by a state of art design for soil improvement without using piles.
In this project most of hydro electromechanical equipment supply from USA and west of Europe well known partners and suppliers such as Sadid jahan sanat, Omrab (Iran), Hyosung Ebara (Korea) shinko (Japan), spig (Italy), lnge, Evonik (Germany) DVC Int. (Denmark) E&H, INDUMART (Canada)

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