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Mashhad Waste Water Treatment Plant - Khinarab

Mashhad Waste Water Treatment Plant  - Khinarab
In 2010, OMRAB in Joint venture was selected as E.P.C. contractor for Mashhad Sewage Project -Khin Arab Waste Water Treatment Plant. Our responsibilities include design of process, civil, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation aspects of the project as well as supply, manufacture, inspection, factory test and transportation of the equipment to project site, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, trial operating of plant, operation and training of the staff. The proposed treatment process employs advanced-continuous SBR process, with an average capacity of 83,000m3/d, and the maximum hydraulic capacity of 7,200m3/h, corresponding to a population of 430,000PE.

A state of the art technology, ASBR, patent of Premiertech-Aqua (Canada) is the heart of the process in this treatment plant which has an In-depth, long-term expertise allowing for cost effective advanced secondary biological treatment in a single step. It’s a process permitting 98% removal of BOD5 and TSS as well as nitrification, de-nitrification and phosphorus elimination to meet all of the physical, chemical, and microbiological requirements of WHO, EPA, and environment protection standard of Iran or equal for irrigation in irrigation seasons, and discharge to the river in other seasons.

Integrated semi-expert control/monitoring PLC-based program makes it possible to deal with all plant operating conditions – independently of operator availability or skill level in this plant.

Other units of the treatment systems are inlet lift station, mechanical coarse and fine screens, Aerated grit chamber, gravity belt filter, aerobic digester and belt filter press. The sludge treatment facility has the capability of classified stabilized sludge disposal.

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Mashhad water & Wastewater Company

2010- 2016


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