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Omidieh Crude Oil Scheme

Omidieh Crude Oil Scheme
In July 2010 OMRAB conclusion a contract for procurement, construction of Omidieh Crude Oil (concrete storage tanks). This project now is under construction and total period of contract is 3 years.

Scope of woks includes Procurement, Installation Operating & Commissioning of Mechanical, Electrical, Control and Instrument equipment & Construction of 2*500,000 bbl concrete storage tank
The Treatment Process:  Process pumps, Fire fighting pumps oily water pumps, Foam pumps, Safety, Nitrogen supply, System, Mixer, Air assisted flare, Oily water, Separation system, Striper, Power transformer,LV8MV system, Emergency Diesel Generator,Telecomm system, Catholics protection and construction 2*500,000 bbl concrete storage tank.

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Petroleum Engineering and Development Company

2010- 2013


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