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Rawanduz Dam No 10 project

 Rawanduz Dam No 10 project
The Kurdistan Regional, Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources, General Directorate of Dams & Water Resources(GDDR) "The Employer" is planning to invite for submitting of proposals for a Turnkey Type Tender (FIDIC – Yellow Book type) all the Companies interested in designing and constructions of the “RAWANDUZ n.10 Dam Project”.
The water resources management becomes one of the most important targets of the Kurdistan Government and, in order to satisfy water management of the area, investigations and studies started for water harvesting through the construction of small reservoirs everywhere possible, aiming at collecting excess rainfall water and at preserving the eroding soil, in addition to ground water recharge.
Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources and General Directorate of Dams and Reservoirs proposed many areas for conducting feasibility studies and design of dams and Rawanduz location in Erbil Governorate, is one of these.
Rawanduz Sub-district is located in the North part of Erbil Governorate, about 70km from Erbil (aerial distance). It’s connected with Erbil City through Hamilton Road.
The most important villages in the surrounding area are Soran (Diana) and Khalifan, both of them are connected with Rawanduz by Hamilton Road.
The proposed Rawanduz n.10 Dam is to be located on the course of Rawanduz River, about 400 m upstream of its confluence with the Balikiyan River. The valley in this area is narrow and the environment is mountainous with steep slopes and high differences in elevation between the top and the bottom of the valley.
The axis of dam centerline is located at UTM coordinates 454402 m E and 4053790 m N, about 3.5 km North-West of Rawanduz City and 5 km South - West of Soran city (both of them are aerial distances).
In order to carry out the project, the MoA&WR/GDDR intends to employ a Consultant to provide designing services and construction works as described in the Terms of Reference included herein.
The Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the GDDR/MoA&WR and in close collaboration with the Director of the Project Management Team (PMT) and other related authorities, including the local water authorities and existing facilities staff. During the course of assignment, the Consultant will regularly inform the Director of the PMT about the progress made on critical issues.
The required designing services and construction works of dams shall be carried out in accordance with the following "TOR”.

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Facts and Figures

Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources General Directorate of Dams and Reservoir-KRG-Iraq

2013- 2014


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