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Semnan Water Supply Scheme

Semnan Water Supply Scheme
In June 2011 OMRAB conclusion a contract for engineering, procurement and construction of Semnan City Water Supply Scheme. This project accomplished during 2 years.

Scope of woks includes Design and Engineering, Procurement, Furnishing and Installation of 3 pump station including 25 multistage horizontal centrifugal pumps, Chlorination system (2 Station), Control and  SCADA System with total capacity of 56,160 Cu.m per day.

In this project most of hydro electromechanical equipment supply from Iran and west of Europe well known partners and suppliers such as Mirab, LMI, Sadad machine and Pumpiran (Iran), Siemens, Mauell, Alup (Germany)

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Tehran regional water Company

2011- 2012


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