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Aqra Water Supply Project

Aqra Water Supply Project
Kurdistan Regional Government, Ministry of Municipality & Tourism, intend to execute the design, supply, and manufacturing of all mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation also to construct the civil work of a AQRA Water Supply of maximum output capacity of 3,000 m3/h in normal condition. The Water Treatment Plant will be located in Duhok Governorate Aqra District and supply Drinking water to 17 nearby villages.
Aqra water supply project Omrab’s first Design, Built and Operate (DBO) project which is based on FIDIC. The contract consists of water treatment plant, high lift pump station, two booster pump station and the transmission pipeline and network. Aside from design, Omrab is responsible for preliminary assessment and urban study of the project area, topography studies, population projection and capacity requirement assessment.
The  Project facility includes:
Intake structure and low lift pumping station
Flash mixer
Rapid gravity sand filters, complete with back-washing facilities,
Sludge collection tank,
Treated water underground reservoirs in two compartments,
Chemical building,
Chlorination building ,
Treated water high lift pumping.
The proposed treatment plant will produce water which complies with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water standards. The intake structure adjacent to the river is one of the challenging parts to design in this project due to 50 meter level difference of water and river bank. The hopper bottom pre-sedimentation and the total 48km of 33kv overhead line  and  fiber-optic telecommunication network are also among the key design features of this project.

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Facts and Figures

Ministry of municipality and tourism –Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)-Iraq

2012- 2017


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