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Iran ( 2017 - 2020)
Design, Build and Operate (DBO) of wastewater collection and treatment systems for center of Iran, Zone 2
Scope of works and services  National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company has determined that about 800 villages dueto ritical conditions and environmental impacts are in need of urgent imp ...
Iran ( 2013 - 2017)
Chitgar lake water treatment plant
Chitgar Lake, also known as the Lake of Martyrs of the Persian Gulf, is an artificial and recreational lake located in the north of Chitgar Park, north-west of Tehran City, Iran. The total area of th ...
Iraq ( 2013 - 2018)
Bassara RCC Dam project
BASSARA DAM AND POWER PLANT- SUMMARY Scope of Work of Bassara Dam Project consists of the procurement and construction of: -Diversion Tunnels -Coffer Dams -RCC and earth fill Dam -Stilling Basi ...
Iraq ( 2013 - 2014)
Rawanduz Dam No 10 project
The Kurdistan Regional, Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources, General Directorate of Dams & Water Resources(GDDR) "The Employer" is planning to invite for submitting of proposals for a Tu ...

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